Copier Sales OH

Knowing when to say goodbye to your old copier can be a challenge. Many business owners go for a new machine when their copier’s output, speed, and functions no longer meet their current needs, but even if your old equipment keeps up with demand, it’s still a good idea to replace your copier every three to five years.

Copier Sales OH

Today’s copier technology has what is called 3-TIERED COLOR  In short, what this does is lower your printing cost on color copies or prints, all older machines had one meter for color prints/copies, that if you had a service contract you would pay a set price per copy/print around $0.085 that was charged no matter the amount of color coverage you had, whether it was a hyperlink in the page or a color company logo to a full color coverage brochure  With 3-TIERED COLOR you pay for what coverage you have for example company logo coverage would cost $0.03 per print vs $0.085 so you can have up to 30% lower operating costs


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 What we have to offer is an alternative that has proven to be a better option for many organizations. We are a keyword in city, state, built on lasting relationships within the community in stateshort that result in long-term cost efficiency and truly first-rate service for our customers –


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